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From “Save the Dates” to “Thank You” cards, and invitations to seating charts, planning a wedding entails making countless paper-related decisions that you never dreamed could be so complicated. Maybe you see the trends on Pinterest and Instagram but have no idea where to start…or maybe you’re already a design and paper-savvy bride looking for a few extra tips. You’re in the right place!

We’ll break it down into sections and show you only the most inspiring Wedding Paper selections through some of our vendors while taking you through a crash course on design and printing vernacular.

Themes & Color Palettes:

2015 saw a resurgence of the "vintage" aesthetic, be it Retro, Rustic, Art Deco or Nouveau...try pairing flourishes and fonts from these past eras with a modern clean and minimalist sensibility.

Hand-painting and hand-lettering are all the rage! Apply a loose brush watercolor accent to your invitations or more illustrative decor, such as flowers, leaves, or other drawings.

Flowers are timeless. If you want your wedding to breathe with elegance and grace, then floral themed invitations are perfect. Might I add how easy it becomes to coordinate bridal bouquets and altar piece and centerpiece arrangements!

"Modern" is so hard to define these days, but if we use art history as a guide it would be safe to loosely define modern as anything that "pops" and "punches" the eye. Chunky prints (animal or geometric), bright colors, bold sans-serif fonts, and lots and lots of  w  h  i  t  e  s  p  a  c  e  .


   (Invites by Elum)

Having your invitations letterpressed means your design will be set, inked, and printed by hand as paper is rolled through the press, just like during the days of Gutenberg. Typically it will leave a physical impression in the paper that looks as though the letters have been pressed in, this is called "debossing." The opposite, "embossing," is when the design or text rises above the paper since it has been pressed in from the back. Choosing letterpress will also provide a high-quality paper that is thick and textured and excites the tactile senses.

Metallic Foiling:

   (Invites by Bella Figura)

Metallic foils are made by fusing cellophane to thin metallic sheets. These are applied to paper with a specific solution known as "size." Once bonded to paper these metal foils are nearly indestructible! They add beautiful shimmer and fun to any invitation and come in a range of colors, from gold to magenta.

Final Tip:

You'd be surprised at how many weddings do not implement the overall colors and theme into the Save the Dates and invitations. Impress your guests by sending stunning invitations that match your wedding! Give yourself ample time to coordinate your desired color palette and style before ordering your paper needs, especially if you wish to add fun elements such as letterpress or metal foils.

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