2016–2017 Fall/Winter Wedding Color Trends

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Color scheme tips for a fall/winter wedding

Summer has lost its upper hand as the "hottest" wedding season. Many brides are electing to have their wedding in the Fall and Winter to take advantage of the naturally deep and rich colors of plums, pumpkins, winterberries, fallen leaves, and bare trees. Use this guide as inspiration for assembling your own perfect color palette for a Fall or Winter wedding.


Autumn Harvest

Go bold...you only get married once! Imitate the bright, glowing, POP of pumpkin orange and offset its loudness with tans, browns, and creams. Throw in a deep red like burgundy, crimson, or carmine as an accent color.  

Thanksgiving Sunrise

Turkey Day colors usually ween off the oranges and yellows of October and transition into the celestial golds of Christmas.  Choose a warm toned gold as your main color, add it anywhere you can to brighten up and enchant a subject: bridesmaids dresses or shoes, spray painted flowers, chair ribbons, table runners, cutlery, or gold foil on your printed reception menus and seating charts.

Sacred Sage

If you were told never to use the same color or hue repeatedly in a palette, you were told wrong! We encourage sticking to a singular color and mixing it up with various tints or tones of that same color. Take green for example...Sage, Olive, Moss, and Avocado all belong to the same (Green) family but their differences complement each other and create a rather stunning showcase. Give it a go yourself and try sticking only to Reds or Purples or Blues in a palette (but keep it Fall/Winter appropriate).


Sugar and Spice

This palette is pretty self-explanatory. "Sugar" refers to sweet and neutral colors such as beige or a pale pink. "Spice" dares you to dazzle your guests with a hot and delicious color that exudes flavor and excitement, like Scarlet, Lipstick, Pomegranate or Raspberry Red. Combine the two for a truly delectable wedding palette. 

Royal Affair

Own the Christmas season with an all-out tribute to the traditional colors of every child's favorite holiday. Embrace the complementary pairing of Green and Red (hint: choose non traditional shades of green and red, like Sage + Raspberry or Avocado + Carmine) and add depth to the palette with a royal purple or eggplant color.

Winter Wonderland

This delightful array of colors feels right out of the Sugarplum Fairy's daydream. You might have a harder time convincing your groom that this palette is right for your winter wedding, but your guests will certainly enjoy the cheerfulness and youthfulness that it brings. Christmas time is when we are reminded of the child inside us whose imagination and delights are still very much alive. With this palette, every color must play an equal part, no one color should take precedence...consider alternating each bridesmaid's dress color and make sure the floral arrangements have as much turquoise as pink. You will not be disappointed!

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