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Jellycat... If you've never heard of this brand, well now you have! They were named one of Oprah's favorite things this year! Known, since 1999, for their unbelievably soft (and I mean REALLY soft, just come in and take a feel for yourself!) toys, this UK-originated brand has built an empire selling thousands of quirky animals. Over the past few months, we have happily welcomed Jellycat as one of our most sold presents for the tiniest newborn and most serious adult, alike. We love having a fully stocked shelf of our favorite Jellycat animals and seeing the little ones successfully convince their parents to add a Bashful Bumbly Bear or a Bashful Unicorn (our most popular Jellycat!) to their purchase. With this holiday season sweeping in, we've added a few wintery-familiar animals to our shelves.

First, we'd like to introduce Roxie the Reindeer (Isn't she the prettiest thing with antlers you've ever seen?)! She may not be part of the DDPVCCDBR (Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen...) clique, but she's definitely our favorite reindeer this holiday season!

Candy canes in your hot cocoa, candy canes in your stocking, candy canes on your Christmas tree, and now candy canes on this adorable Candy Stripe Bunny. He's the first of his kind as a pure white Bashful Bunny.

Roxie the Reindeer now has some competition as the cutest animal with antlers with "Marty" the Woodland Moose in store. We never knew how much we wanted to cuddle with a moose until we saw this guy!

The Bashful Owls stole our hearts with their plump bellies and pudgy cheeks. Their softness and pure white fur make them a perfect gift for that new born baby or owl-fanatic in your life! 

The last featured animal in our Jellycat family (but trust us, we have more waiting for you on our shelves!) is this Woodland Bunny. There is just something about his tri-color fur and pink button nose that draw so many of our customers to him. His look is classic, timeless, and just as soft as cashmere. Each one has their own unique blend of brown, tan, and grey fur.

Jellycat is one of our favorite vendors here at Pom Paperie. We love their luxurious quality and the "squidginess and quirkiness" of each little critter. Also, did I mention that we carry really really big ones too? Check out our Really Big Unicorn, Huge Bumbly Bear, and Solange the Swan. If you were looking for something more classic we have a Bashful Puppy, Bashful Black and White Cat, Bashful Giraffe, and even a Bashful Dino!


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