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2016–2017 Fall/Winter Wedding Color Trends

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Color scheme tips for a fall/winter wedding

Summer has lost its upper hand as the "hottest" wedding season. Many brides are electing to have their wedding in the Fall and Winter to take advantage of the naturally deep and rich colors of plums, pumpkins, winterberries, fallen leaves, and bare trees. Use this guide as inspiration for assembling your own perfect color palette for a Fall or Winter wedding.


Autumn Harvest

Go only get married once! Imitate the bright, glowing, POP of pumpkin orange and offset its loudness with tans, browns, and creams. Throw in a deep red...

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'The Handwritten Note' – Etiquette & Meaning

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Handwritten Cards & Correspondence

Discover the proper etiquette and the significant meaning behind handwritten correspondence and Thank You cards. 

There truly is never a wrong occasion for writing letters of gratitude or well-wishes that are penned by your own hand. It communicates thoughtfulness and sincerity on your part and will be immensely appreciated by the receiver. So do away with the standard greeting cards and follow our tips for sending out perfect heartfelt and tasteful handwritten notes.


For smaller events, such as bridal and baby showers or dinner parties, aim to send your Thank You cards within...

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