'The Handwritten Note' – Etiquette & Meaning

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Handwritten Cards & Correspondence

Discover the proper etiquette and the significant meaning behind handwritten correspondence and Thank You cards. 

There truly is never a wrong occasion for writing letters of gratitude or well-wishes that are penned by your own hand. It communicates thoughtfulness and sincerity on your part and will be immensely appreciated by the receiver. So do away with the standard greeting cards and follow our tips for sending out perfect heartfelt and tasteful handwritten notes.


For smaller events, such as bridal and baby showers or dinner parties, aim to send your Thank You cards within 1-2 weeks after it takes place. Weddings and funerals warrant a longer time period, as long as 3 months to send out your thank you's. 

But don't be discouraged if you find yourself a year out after your wedding with zero cards sent, a late (but genuine) 'thank you' is better than no 'thank you' at all.


DO refer to your family and friends by their first name

DON'T refer to acquaintances or people of title by their first name (ex: Doctor)


DO sign your name informally to friends and family

DON'T sign your name informally to acquaintances or distant family/friends, instead use your full name


DO abbreviate "Mister," "Missus," and "Miss" to "Mr.," "Mrs.," and "Ms."

DON'T abbreviate odonyms (Street Suffixes) such as "Blvd.," "St.," or "Ave."


In writing a Thank You note, the #2 rule after Sincerity is Accuracy. Have you ever received a gushing letter of gratitude detailing all the wonderful things you've done or gave to this person, except that you've only done 1 out of the 5 things they mentioned?

Check and DOUBLE CHECK your Guests' Gifts list. Make sure that when you write your co-worker Jennifer Jones for the adorable baby clothes that she, in fact, gave you adorable baby clothes! Over time, handwriting dozens or even hundreds of cards may become daunting and somewhat insincere, but by mentioning the actions, wishes, or gifts of your addressee they will feel so special to have blessed your life in some way!

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