How I Love Thee, Let Me Count The Ways!

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It's officially February which means Valentine's Day is right around the corner! You may be married, in a relationship, loving single life, or feeling forever alone...But whatever your love status might be come this Valentine's Day, one thing is certain; there is plenty of love to go around!

A simple card can say so much (without all the mush, if that's not your cup of tea) and if it is, we have cards for you too! 

Here are just a few #valentinesdaycards that we currently have in the store for you, your gal pals, your crush, main squeeze, and family:


Simple, classy, and gold-foil for the win! Grab your hunny one of these stunning cards by Sugar Paper printed on beautiful quality card stock - so they can feel the weight of your love ;)

Flirty and Real: 

Caught feelings but don't wanna say it out loud? These hilarious cards by Emily McDowell keep it real so you can let bae know how you really feel without being too lovey-dovey.

Platonic Love:

We carry so many cute cards that can cater to anyone on your list! These are a few illustrated cards that are blank inside so that you can personalize them for that one person you're really happy to have in your life. Great for siblings, coworkers, and anyone else whose relationship brings you joy <3

Galentine's Day:

Don't forget your BFF this season (especially if she's flying solo!). Let her know you're on her side first and foremost! 

Visit Pom Paperie and we'll help you find the perfect card that says exactly what you mean.

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