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Duke Cannon

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Fact: Teenage body washes are weak, watered down, and smell like Friday night at fraternity row. Simply put, they don't get the job done. Hard-working men require a shower of substance to accomplish a full day's work. 

Duke Cannon's THICK is formulated with a noticeably higher viscosity and built to work effectively on your body, not spew down the shower drain.


  • 1x - 17.5oz Buffalo Trace
  • 1x - 3.4oz Naval Diplomacy
  • 1x - 3.4oz Old Glory
  • 3X THICKER than teenage body wash
  • Plant-based thickeners for superior lather
  • Mineral enriched to naturally exfoliate
  • Contains Aloe vera to hydrate and protect
  • Bonus: no loofah required
  • Paraben, phthalate, and cruelty-free

*Never tested on animals. Just bad interns.

Dimensions: 2” D x 7” D x 9.5” H

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