Personalized Black Bordered White Correspondence Cards

Crane & Co.

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A versatile stationery option makes it easy to find the right words for any occasion. Whether you're tucking this classic card into a gift or sending a note of congratulations to a colleague, its black border and black engraved personalization add style and personality.

Crane's Pearl White Card is as classic as it gets. Made from their heritage, pure cotton paper, these four corners are ready to hold whatever you can dream up.

  • Size: 4 1/4 x 6 3/8
  • Format: Flat Card
  • Printing Method: Engraving
  • 50 Engraved Pearl White Cards + 50 Blank Pearl White Envelopes

Like running your hand over the raised seal on a diploma, when you touch an engraved piece of stationery, you can sense its significance. You feel the raised design and see the rich luster of the ink precisely adorning each letter and stroke. And when you turn the paper over, you can observe the delicate indentation of the text and graphics. Engraved stationery simply embodies sophistication.

To bring an engraved design to life, your text and graphics are carefully etched into a copper plate known as a die. With each pass the engraver applies ink to the plate, letting it pool in the hollows of the design, then gently cleans away the remaining ink from the surface of the die with a single wipe, leaving a perfect image of your design ready for printing. Each piece of paper is delicately and precisely pressed in between the die and its handcrafted counter to shape, mold and form the letters into a distinctive, raised, and colored sculptural effect.

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