Flexible Sealing Wax 2 Pack

Freund-Mayer & Co.

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Flexible Sealing Wax with a wick in a pack of 2 colors, containing 1 stick of each color.

Freund-Mayer's traditional letter sealing wax has been made by Scottish artisans for over 300 years in the centuries-old methods and recipes of yesteryear. Only high quality genuine sealing wax with it's glossy appearance will make clear, rich wax seal impressions. Easy to use, each pack will arrive with full instructions - just drip and seal!

• 4" Sealing Wax Sticks with a wick.

• Makes approximately 12-15 average size impressions per stick. 

Calculate how many sticks you need by dividing the number of desired wax seal impressions by 12 (10 to be on the conservative side or if you want to make larger impressions) and you will get the number of sticks needed to complete your project. We recommend glue gun sealing wax for large projects.

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