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The perfect gift for chocolate lovers! Choose one or more of Hammond's most popular 2.25oz chocolate bars.

PB & J Sandwich: Peanut butter and jelly have been a perfect pair for generations! Enjoy those favorite flavors surrounded by yummy milk chocolate with this Hammond's treat.

Midnight Snack: Hungry for a Midnight Snack? Pretzels, cookies, brittle, marshmallow and cereal—this Hammond's Chocolate Bar has it all. It is the ultimate way to satisfy your hunger in the middle of the night. This snack has everything that you crave in one sitting!

Mint Chocolate Chip: Mint Chocolate Chip Dark Chocolate with Mint Creme Center. 

More S'mores: More S'mores? Yes, please! This delicious Hammond's milk chocolate bar is complemented by bits of marshmallow and graham. 

Sea Side Caramel: Pure decadence! Hammond's Natural Sea Side Caramel Dark Chocolate Bar is a chocolate lover's dream.

Toffee Brittle: Treat yourself to the delicious duo of dark chocolate and toffee. Pure decadence!

Birthday Cake: White Chocolate with Confetti.

Peanut Butter Cup: Give in to the tempting combination of peanut butter and chocolate! This gourmet candy bar features decadent dark chocolate with tasty bits of peanut butter.

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