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Snail Mail Book

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Snail Mail Book

$ 19.95

In a world of 140-character limits, Snapchats, textspeak and internet trolls, are we losing the ability to really communicate with our loved ones? Snail Mail aims to bring back handwritten communication - and more - in one beautifully illustrated and perfectly proper little package. 

Inspired by Japanese stationery and letter-writing culture, Michelle Mackintosh introduces the reader to the charm of the handwritten letter, personalized packages and handcrafted stationery. Beautifully illustrated and complete with cut-out postcard designs, papercraft and rubber stamp templates, Snail Mail is full of equally useful and whimsical advice, like how to say thank you in a letter and other old-school etiquette; how to take time and reflect on your life through writing; how to improve and celebrate your own handwriting; how to make your own paper; how to romance someone the old-school way; how to make pen friends and DIY beautiful invitations for any occasion. 

It's time to bring back the written word!

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