ZIPIT Metallic Pencil Case, Silver


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A twist on our most popular pouch. Made using a special metallic material for an edgy combination of texture and shine. Excellent for holding a variety of items from makeup to school supplies. The entire case is made from one long zipper that can be fully zipped or unzipped. You’ll love the extra wide diagonal opening which allows you to find everything you’re looking for at a moment’s notice.

This unique case is made to last with machine washable, 100% polyester. Best of all, it’s sized just right and versatile enough to carry:

  • Up to 30 pens and pencils
  • Cosmetics, tissue, mints or gum
  • Cell phone and cell phone accessories
  • Money and more

Multipurpose Design
This pencil bag/cosmetic bag comes in a silver textured metallic.  With one main compartment and an extra wide opening, it will provide you with endless storage possibilities. Purchase several to use at home, school and on the go.

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